Outreach Programme

Rainbow Home- It was started as a school within a school in 1991 to meet the needs of the numerous street children living around the school. It was to give them a head start through which they could be prepared for eventual admission into a regular school (Corporation School, Hindi / Bengali School and in Loreto Bowbazar). Today there are about 210 children. In 2002 a night shelter was started and now over 150 girls stay on the school premises. Of the 150 some still attend classes in Rainbow Home while others attend the main stream Regular School at Loreto Bowbazar, Union Chapel, Corporation School, St. Georges and Loreto Sealdah. The mainstream teachers and students participate in the Teaching Learning Programme of Rainbow Home alongside 3 Regular Rainbow Home Teachers. Many children from the Regular School along with the Rainbow Home children partake in a hot mid-day meal. The children of Rainbow Home are also exposed to co-curricular activities, such as singing, dancing, elocution, sports and games. They are also taken on various excursions within the city and out of Calcutta. They have experience of a picnic, a visit to a beach, the circus and amusement parks. They are exposed to various other progammes available in the city organized for them. The children have a regular health check-up and medical attention is given to them as and when required by doctors at the Medical College Hospital.

The Neighbourhood Street children- Once a week the street children come in to learn and play in the school.

The Remedial Classes- Four days a week students stay back in school to attend study classes. It is available to those who need the help.

Clinic- Parent Doctors come in on the last Saturday of the month to attend to anyone who may need their help.

Sahara- Blankets are knit by the students during the year and distributed to the poor and needy during Christmas.

The Kids for Tiger- This is an awareness programme to help students understand and know about the animals which are endangered.

The Keep Green- This is a programme to keep the surrounding clean and green and plastic free.

Peace Prayer- Once a month teachers, parents and students meet to pray for peace in the world.

KMC Learning Project- Teachers and students visit a KMC school in the neighbourhood, Raj Rajeshwari for girls to teach them craft, music and spoken English.

Sapling Count