Loreto Day School, Bow Bazar, Kolkata
Loreto Day School, Bow Bazar, Kolkata

Our Goal

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Loreto Day School, Bow Bazar, Kolkata

Our goal is to form women alive to the need of our world, with the knowledge which gives them power to act, and motivated by the love which gives them purpose and wisdom in their action. The education of girls from every social background has to be undertaken so that there can be produced not only women of refined talents but those great persons who are so desperately needed by our times.
The curriculum and co-curricular design is such as to meet the requirements of the goal outlined above. It makes provision for the all round development of the student – SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, SOCIALLY, CULTURALLY AND PHYSICALLY.
Enrollment in school implies on the part of the pupil and parents a willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
School discipline is intended to create an environment which assists the self development of students.

Mehendi on the hand is strictly forbidden. Any violation will lead to suspension till the colour wears out. Parents are welcome to give in their legitimate suggestions in writing for the development of the institution and betterment of the children.
At least 90% attendance including non-teaching activity days is mandatory for all students. Attendance on the last day before a vacation and first day after reopening is mandatory. Birthday dress must be decent. No pants or jeans or indecent dress to be worn to school. Punctuality is a virtue which is encouraged. We expect the student to be in school before 8 a.m. and we request the escorts to be in time to collect the child from school. The school diary clearly explains the rules and regulations, all the activities and holidays during the academic year. Parents and students are advised to read and keep to the rules.